Yes! You Made it, Happy New year to you. 2016 was an interesting year for me, I spent most of the year trying out a couple of new things in my business and career, some worked, some didn’t but what was important now for me is the lessons I learnt.

Anyways If you’re like me, I bet you want the most of this New Year, much more than what you achieved in the previous. Whether is a new degree or to make more money for your business or maybe travel to a new country, whatever it is it will require to be PRODUCTIVE every single day in 2017.

Now to help you to become more productive and get more important things done, thereby achieving your goals for this year, I have put together a list of 5 tech tools that can just literally do the work for you. Each item on the list is specific for different aspect of your life and career that demands productivity.

  • Evernote; This is a mobile App that’ll helps you plan your daily activities and organize your schedules. You could also upload projects timelines and write down thought to be revisited. This App also gives you prompts on what work, program or task you should complete daily. You will be responsible to putting up your task but the App will be responsible for prompting you to get them done. So get more organized in 2017 by getting and using this app.


  • Dropbox/ Google Drive : Gone are the days when you need to carry a flash drive or storage disk to receive or give information, these tools helps you store large amount of information (Files, audio, video) on the internet, so you could access them anywhere. This enables you the flexibility of working from anywhere (Places with internet access though). I particularly love Google drive because I and my team can get to work on a particular document at the same time, so doing we achieve more in little time, really cool!


  • Hootsuit/IFTTT; With these tools you can manage your social media accounts, schedule posts across platforms and maintain a good brand image for your business. Sometimes social media can be really distracting hence it’s important you set up an account with any of these platforms, use them to automate and feed post to you social media pages, while freeing yourself  time to focus on other productive activities.


  • Mailchimp/GetRensponse ; These tools are used to send bulk but personalized email messages to email contacts that are either your clients, church members if you’re a pastor or any group. One of the effective ways to communicate effectively with those who are either your clients or potential clients are through their emails. You could earn more money in 2017 if you have all those who made enquiry about your products or services signed up for your email list, then you periodically send them mails educating them about the value of your service or product, these enables you build trust and possibly buy from you or refer you to their friend who will buy from you. So get around getting an email list for you business is really easy to do, Here is a tutorial on how to set up an email list.


  • Website. This is you owning your own domain name that can be used to find you or your business on the internet. Whether you are a personal brand, or you own a business of your own, or you are a Pastor, you need a website. A website serves as your home where you receive visitors who are interested about you or what you do or sell. From your website you could talk about your interest, sell your products, receive payments for them, establish an international followership or fan base and grow your influence. 2017 will be a far better year for you if you simply own your website or your business. If you’ll like to find out how to own a website for yourself or your business, you can send us a message by clicking this link, we’ll be glad to help you build and manage one.


Beyond this post what will really make the difference in your productivity in 2017 will be you decision to become productive. WHEN YOU DECIDE, YOU’LL MAKE IT HAPPEN


Please let me know our thoughts in the comment. Thank you.