I recently posted on social media that we are all brands as long as we have a NAME, what I didn’t say then was that “your name isn’t your brand,  what you do and what your name is associated with is your BRAND”.

Now let me give an illustration, if I were to ask someone about you, lets assume your name is Tolu and I meet someone and say tell me about Tolu and person says “oh tolu is kind, hardworking dedicated young lady, She is also very industrious, she runs a fashion business and she’s good at it”. Now what was just said about is tolu’s brand.

Now Tolu in my illustration above could either be conscious of her brand or not, she might be deliberately working on having the qualities and values that someone asserted about her or not, but if she understands branding and the impact a positive brand can have on her career or business she will deliberately take actions to build herself a strong an influential brand.

Having established the fact that building a personal brand is important, I’ll b listing 5 tips you could do right away that can help you build a good personal brand. But I’ll like to note first that in building a personal brand you have to be yourself. Be comfortable about you past, present and your desired future. Since your personal brand is about you be willing to share with the world unashamedly the way you are.

So here are my tips


Become a person of value by adding value to yourself, you do this by learning or mastering a skill, taking a course or reading a book. Create a personal development time table for yourself, like what books to read every month and when to study.  Every great brand gives value, and since you can give what you don’t have, you have to gain value first to be able to give value and you have to be deliberate about it.



Every great brand today is rooted of a strong vision that propelled the deliberate action that made that brand great. Ask yourself what you desire to achieve and how bad do you want to achieve it. Asking these questions and finding the answers will personally give you the passion to achieve your vision and in so doing becoming a great brand. Your vision could be in business, service to government to humanity or God, whatever the case have a vision.


Becoming a solution to problems is very important, if you are in career ensure you are solving a problem in your filed if you are in business also ensure your value proposition is top quality. Remember your brand is what people say about you. Be good at what you do and word will go around.



Be deliberate about promoting yourself. Using social media as a tool you could communicate your brand message with pictures and short write ups. Look good, write valuable post on social media, support great causes. Social media is very powerful, and If used correctly you can use it to get people to think of you in a way that is consistent with your brand. In promoting yourself in social media please don’t write in shorthand, I see that a lot, except you want to be perceived as a poor brand.



Fela Durotoye once said your brand is as strong as the people who are behind it. Having that in mind you would intentional seeks opportunity where you can associate with other great brands. Your could serve, volunteer or participate in courses of other great brands thereby associating your own brand with them. Have mentors, seek help from experts and ask questions these are other ways you could make purposeful connections. And if your are in business and have a product or service get recommendations from respectable individuals, this will increase your brand value too


Starting today you can begin to act on these tips, if you have any other tip do share in the comment section. Cheers.