Today Digital Marketing is becoming a trendy term among most newbie entrepreneur but not many really understand what it really is. Some have claimed it to be the gateway to making millions online, while that is not totally wrong but a lot of misconceptions follows that assumption.  So what is Digital Marketing and how can you profit or lose money with it (Yes its possible to loose money).

Digital Marketing is the promotion of the value of a product or service on the internet for the purpose of selling these product and service, generating massive revenue.

The core technology behind digital marketing is the internet.  The internet is simply a network of various computers connected globally via a secure path. These connections between computers birthed the ability to communicate with people who are far away from your immediate location, thereby providing an opportunity for both local and international trade and transactions. The advent of social media like Facebook and Instagram has also enhanced this opportunity for trade because of the social connections these platforms have.

Opportunities in Digital Marketing

The following are a list of Opportunities in Digital Marketing.

  • Job Creation. To effectively deploy digital marketing strategy there is need to have Digital Skills such as Visual design, Content development, Social Media Promotion, Website Design, SEO, Analytics   Without these skills one cannot really promote products services online. Hence companies and brands are constantly on the search for individuals who they can hire to help them implement digital marketing strategies. A typical monthly salary for a Digital Marketer with any of these skills is between 150,000 to 300,000 Naira.
  • Start Your Own Agency. If you posses the above listed skills you could also start a Digital Agency that cater for brands and companies on contractual basis instead of working full time them. This is also very lucrative as you can make a good amount of money either as an affiliate or by service charge which can run into millions depending on the size of project.
  • Affiliate Marketing. This is where you help different brands and organizations sell their products online using digital marketing and then you make a commission per sale you make. This is also very lucrative.
  • Sales of your own products and services using digital marketing strategies.


How to Implement Digital Marketing

As have said earlier to implement digital marketing the first thing you need are the skills. Afterwards the following are ways to deploy digital marketing for product sales

  • Google SEO, here you’ll build a website for a product and ensure it ranks on google for a particular keyword (that relates to the products) SO when people search on google for that keyword, your website appears. You website will have been built to properly engage the site visitor who came from google and then sells to him. On your website there must be away to receive payment online if it’s an ecommerce store.
  • Social Media Promotion Here you promote products or services via two ways. First is by creating social media adverts for Instagram and facebook using the facebook Ad manager. The ad content can either be a video, visual design or text content. Another point with social media advert is the Ad targeting where you get to effectively target the right audience that should see the advert. The second way of social media advert is through relational marketing, where you build a relationship with your ideal market audience through either facebook groups, pages or or Instgram, then you consistency build a relationship with your audience by giving them valuable content and then offering them sales offers in between.
  • Email Marketing. This involves obtaining the emails of the ideal customer and then creatively sending them sales offers via mails. The key here is to make the sales offer very interesting an irresistible.
  • Banner Ads on popular website and blog. Here you contact the authors of popular websites and blogs and then make them an offer to place your adverts on their website which they would agree to.  You can also build a blog make it popular by posting consistently with great SEO. Afterwards you advertise you services in your own blog or help others advertise.


Digital Marketing is really broad, but with the adequate digital skills and knowledge you make a fortune from it. Investing in digital marketing driven ventures is another way to make good return from it. Here you do not need to have any skills, you simply invest your resource into a startup that runs an affiliate digital marketing system for different companies and then you share in the profit they make. This is also very lucrative, as some startups make over 100,000 Dollars in a year.


The risk in digital marketing involves the following.

  • Possibility of not making a return from your promotional campaigns. This is due to shabby research, poor design or video content or poor website or targeting.


In summary digital marketing is a growing industry with so many opportunities, and with the right skill and knowledge anyone can become a millionaire with Digital Marketing.

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