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The aim of any real estate company or realtor is to present its real estate value, opportunities or projects to persons or organizations, who not only need this value or product but also have the capacity, willingness and can set a set time when they will be ready to pay for it- These people or Individuals are those who we categorize as HOT LEADS( This is Every realtors best friend).

Now this is quite similar to a scenario where a young spinster feels stuck, confused or just overwhelmed in choosing a suitable man to consider the right choice for marriage.

Let us assume she has quite the myriad of options and everyone on the list clearly says they want to marry her. They all profess love, readiness and possibly, their unflinching resolve to wanting to settle down. Some of them might appear quite capable to single-handedly footing all ceremonial event expenses. But how does she know who is serious and not just around to play games? How can she select the best option out of so many options? Or better still how does she only attract the Right ONEs. Please read on, we’ll get there in a bit..

No doubt, there are now so many realtors pitching almost the same properties to almost the same audience who are to buy or invest in them. More than ever, Standing out among the crowd and being able to attract only HOT LEADS is what will guarantee any realtor consistent sales.

This is a dilemma many realtors find themselves in and there is a way out; ofcourse not the dilemma of marriage, clearly, but that of SELECTION of the serious from the Jokers, or just attracting only Serious Buyers for your Real Estate Offers.

We recently had a client in this dilemma for many years as a realtor. She run ads and all she gets are a bunch of unserious people who have no capacity to buy her advertised properties.

She narrated a situation were she even had to wait for 7 hours just to take a lead to inspect a property after several months of following up, and he still didn’t buy the property, how sad and frustrating. Thankfully we were able to resolve this with this steps I’ll be sharing with you.

A major step is to First Ensure you have a lead Generating System in place that is actually optimized to provide you with hot leads, as you simply can’t catch anything without a specialized tool for catching it.

In the case of our client, we put up a Lead Magnet that only HOT LEADS will be Interested in. The logic here is, whoever comes through that lead magnet is a HOT LEAD-You get. Meaning the person is serious and capable to buy or pay. 

Now if you don’t know what a LEAD MAGNET IS, then you need to take a reach us for coaching on Digital Marketing. Anyway before then let us help you. A Lead Magnet is something of value to your Market niche that you can give out for free to obtain their contact information.

Determining what the Lead Magnet should be is a major lesson on its own we don’t have the time going into in this article. But the key is whatever your Lead Magnet is, ensures it must only appeal to HOT LEADS

Now you might have that already set up. It doesn’t end their. Here is what should happen next.

Secondly Ensure you have qualifying questions you ask your potential leads from your Ads or your Lead Generating funnel.  Now These qualifying questions should be such that only those whose response fit the profile of a HOT LEAD will eventually qualify as one and is deserving of your time and effort.

A lot of times Real Estate companies or Realtors are so quick to capture leads that they fail to qualify them..

Majority of Real Estate Websites, Sales Funnels, Ad Campaigns, Social Media are structured to capture even COLD LEADS ( -0° Celsius). Yes, that cold. I believe you know who cold leads are, they are opposite of HOT Leads. They come through your sales funnel or Ads but they are not serious and they don’t deserve your time.

Now to make matters worse, you now don’t qualify those leads. There is now a bunch or 100 people who say they are interested but don’t have capacity to buy.

Imagine the burnout and exhaustion trying to close 100 people who don’t have capacity to pay or better described; who are cold leads.

Here is how most realtors deploy their campaigns.

Let’s say you are a Realtor or Real Estate Company, you know your stuff alright.

Your company has a long list of properties available in places you know people want to buy and rent properties in.

You are also aware that there is a market out there for you, you know it and we know it too.


So, what do you do?

You set up social media, drop a few posts, there. You run ads, hoping that someone who cares enough to buy sees it.

Your website has no compelling Lead Magnet but it’s very fancy. It probably has just a few call-to-action button at the end of the page that most of your website visitors don’t even get the chance to click on.

Let’s not even talk about the possible absence of Email Sequence, SEO Web Content, the quite essential Website Backlinks. Without these things in place YOU WOUN’T NOT GENERATING HOT LEADS to begin with at best just a lot of COLD LEADS will come through this kind of system. Here You see why making consistent sales is very difficult for so many Realtors and Real Estate Businesses.

Well, Conclusively, the above was just an illustration, it is not you.

And if it happens to describe your situation, the way out is to BUILD A SYSTEM that CAPTURES ONLY HOT LEADS. or Better yet, WE CAN JUST DELIVER A CUSTOM ONE BUILT JUST FOR YOUR REAL ESTATE BUSINESS.


Imagine having a Website Sales Funnel with an embedded lead magnet, built solely to capture HOT LEADS and is able to make back-to-back sales for you.

Imagine having your Email Marketing Sequence Automated on your Website that is sent out to qualify your leads and also give your prospects an air of undoubted professionalism.

Also Imagine your Social Media Ad Campaigns targeted at the right audience? Those who are looking for someone just like you!

These and many more are what we deployed to Our Client- Ijeoma that she used to generate 11 HOT LEADS, with one of them buying 15 Plots of a property she recommended.

SEE my dear reader, People are still buying properties, You just need to set up a failure proof system to find them. Let’s do this for you if you are serious.

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