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Hello friend, Trust you are safe and healthy, it’s been a while I did a blog post, but I felt really compelled to share this with you today considering the Compulsory Quarantine you might be in due to Covid 19.  A lockdown shouldn’t mean a Lock up of your dreams, goals or Ideas but rather it should be an opportunity to innovate, learn new things and implement on some of those Ideas you’ve had for a long time now. Like for example MAKING MONEY ON THE INTERNET.

Yes I know you’ve always been fascinated about making money online by selling your products or services or teaching your skills. This is that time to jump up and bring those dreams to reality so read an excellent article to download league of legends.

Yes, so now that I believe you have decided to get started on selling products on online, I’ll like to share with you the 3 Steps to making massive sales on the Internet. But before I do so, let me ask you a question. How will you feel if you could sit at home and then sell products to people in Abuja, London, USA, CANADA e.t.c. and then make lots of money doing so? I believe you’ll feel really great and fulfilled.

That’s how I felt when I made my first sale to someone outside Nigeria. It’s such a rewarding feeling I must say.

SO here are the 3 steps to selling massively on the Internet, do well to follow them religiously if you want to see massive success online.

STEP 1: Do a product research in other to choose the right product to sell.

This is very important because even though every product will have a market on the Internet, not every product will sell in large volumes on the Internet.  What I mean is, there are certain products that will start selling immediately your start selling online and there are some that won’t sell and even if they do it will be in bits and pieces.

The reason is because the ones that will sell immediately and massively already have a large audience of people buying that product or waiting to BUY. So it’s easy to sell many units of it on the Internet because the product is already in demand. 

SO How do you do this research? There is a tool called Google Keyword planner tool that helps you have insight into what products people are searching for on Google. The tool shows you the volume of Keyword searches being made in different location for different age range and demographics. From the insight and knowledge this tool gives you can know which type of product you should sell.

So I’ve done this research for you already and here are the top 3 industries/niches/markets that have massive patronage already, if you’re serious about making massive sales on the internet, you should be selling products in this markets below.

Number one: Technology & Gadgets ( Over 8 Trillion USD Market Size)

Number two:  Health and Wellness. (Over 4.2 trillion USD Market size)

Number Three: Fitness & Beauty (Over 2 Trillion USD Market Size)

So what this means is, If you sell any Physical products in this niche on the internet, you are in for a massive profit coming your way. You are free to verify this research.

I’m currently selling products in Nich 2 and 3, and there is an opportunity to partner with me so we share profit, keep reading till the end to find out how to partner with me.


Let’s assume you’ve decided to start selling products in any of the above niches/industries I’ve just described, You’ll need to have a sales page next. A sales page is a mini website or landing page where people can come to and place order for your products. It has in it a compelling sales copy that describes the value of the product you’re selling. It should have the benefits listed, testimonials of those who have used the product in the past and also a means for people interested in buying the product to pay for it or place an order for it.

One major element your sales page should have is that, it should be mobile responsive i.e it should open well on visitors mobile device, and should also have very good image of the product with well-placed and catchy call to action buttons. I know this very well because I have used several sales page to sell different products online over the past few years and my company WEBEDGE builds this for our clients who have gone on to make millions in sales.

SO to build a sales page, you’ll need to get a domain name and hosting, plus some email marketing tools for auto responding to purchase request. It’s quite technical to set up so I’ll recommend you hire someone to do this professionally for you. At WEBEDGE our rate for this will be around 80,000 Naira to 200,000 Naira, depending on the content the sales page will have.

Finally on sales page, you need to have a very good sales copy. What this means every word or write up use to make up your sales page must be compelling to engage the website visitor. It is the combination or the words and imagery plus testimonial on your sales page that makes for people to eventually buy that product in mass.

Now that you have your sales page, lets go to the final step.


Step 3 is the final step and when harnessed very well boom you’ll start seeing massive sales. So what do I mean by Efficient Traffic Sources? What Exactly is a Traffic Source?

Let me explain, A traffic source on the internet is a platform online where you have millions or billions of people on, and some of this people you want to visit your sales page and buy your product. Examples of such platforms are facebook, Google, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin, Email Platform, Popular Blogs etc.  These platform boasts of over 100s of Millions of users, and your goal here is to get some of this users to see your offer or products that you are selling. I just recently sold a package to someone in France, He discovered me on a blog (Legit) I was featured on two weeks ago.

So how do you get traffic from these platforms, there are two ways I’ll recommend.

  1. Share relevant content everyday on social media and grow your audience over time. This usually takes time.
  2. Use paid advertising to drive traffic from this platforms to your sales page. This is my favorite because you can easily target a particular interest group or age group or demographics that will gladly see your products as valuable and they begin to make massive purchases. To learn more about how to run effective facebook or Google Ads, I’ll be hosting a training on this soon, SO WATCH OUT FOR IT. Click to sign up to my mailing list so you can know when this training come out.

So I’ve shared so much on the 3 steps to follow in making massive sales online. These are steps I currently implement and I’ve made millions in sales already. 

Also there is an Online Business in the Health and Wellness niche I’m currently implementing all this strategy in, we are set to make 900k in profit in the next two months and there is an opportunity to join me in the business where you too can make over 500k in the next two months.

I have done the research already for you, and my team is already building the sales page that will be generating sales for members of my team. Beyond that you will be learning a lot on you can apply this principles I’ve just shared with you in your other businesses. The business is called PURE and their products are selling massively.


All you need is to become an Independent Business Owner with the company by buying a range of their products for 60,000 Naira. When you make this purchase of their products, you will then be allowed to sell the companies product and profit massively from it with the help of My Team.

So don’t waste time selling what people aren’t buying, Join me let’s make massive profit selling health, wellness & fitness products from PURE.


I hope you got Value, If you have a question, please leave them in the comment, I’ll respond to all questions.

Talk to you soon.

Ayo Essien (Lead Developer; WEBEDGE)

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