Hello ,Hope you had a great weekend.Thank God it’s Monday. Mondays happens to be my best days of the week, and I always look forward to them, this is because Mondays signifies the beginning of a fresh opportunity I have to make things happen. Don’t get me wrong I believe everyday counts but Mondays just help me set the pace.

So I want to quickly share on the Top 5 digital skills you could acquire and make lots of money from. I thought to share this as it just occurred to me that you might need a side income added to your current one and these skills could help you achieve that. And if you don’t kindly share with someone who does.

  1. So the skills areContent Writing; These is a very high demand digital skill right now, a lot of organizations and even my colleagues are constantly in search of folks who could development content for their brand promotion, business newsletters etc. Also Content Writing is one of the top gigs people pay for in freelancing site such as elance.com and fiver.com, here you could make good dollars as content curator or developer. To acquire this skill first find a topic you are extremely good at, read a lot about this topic and then start writing consistently on it.
  2. Social Media Management; this one is also a very top demand digital skillset. Here you simply manage social media accounts of companies and organizations. I know agencies that recruit social media managers for companies so you can contact me but that is if you have the skill already. As a social media manager you must be able to use scheduling tools like buffer and hootsuit. You must also be able to design basic visual with canva and also know how to design simple facebook bots. To acquire this skill you can go to youtube.com.
  3. Video/Animation Content Creation; This one is top notch as well, I have a personal experience with this. If you have flare for video creation, I will give you gigs myself. Video or animation creation is so in demand right now by companies and bands who use video for their promotional campaigns. As a Video content Creator, you should be able to use tools like Videoscribe, Adobe Premier pro or SPARK. You can learn this skills on youtube or if you need a personalize coaching on animation my wife has a package for you, simply contact me so I connect you to her.
  4. Website Design; This one is also very huge in demand. I started out my business with just this skill and the demand for our service constantly rises. If you are a website developer, I can give you a job this week, this is to show how in demand this skill is. To acquire website design skill visit my app webedge.com.ng/app and you’ll see courses on website design with wordpress there for you.
  5. Google SEO PRO; This is a bit technical but if you set out to acquire this skill you can be a millionaire before this year is over. Google SEO Professional simply helps brands and companies to rank top on google search. They do this using either Google Adwords, or generating high quality backlinks and content optimization.  This skill is also high in demand on platforms like fiver.com and elance.com. You’ll need to register with udemy.com to learn this skill very well if you are interested

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