• By Ayo Essien
  • / September 7, 2019
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Hey there, glad you are here to read this piece, I must commend your choosing to read valuable stuff amidst all the junk out there. It shows you desire a lot more from yourself than the average person connected to the Internet.

Before I go into details of what I’m about to share with you, I need to first debunk a myth about making money online.

Most people I have met who want to be able to make a good amount of money on the internet think they need to have a Laptop or some powerful gadgets like camera for Youtube channel etc but the truth is that those things don’t matter.

Ofcourse it’s great to have a good laptop but if you don’t have one yet, you can still achieve even more with you mobile phone connected to the Internet. Like a mentor once told me “the challenge is not lack of resources but lack of resource fullness that limits people” the ability to maximize what you have is what empowers you to get what you don’t have.

So let’s go right in to talk about 5 ways to make money with your Mobile Phone

1- Selling Products on Jiji or Nairaland; Do you know that with your mobile phone you can register on Nairaland or Jiji to sell products to a large number of visitors on their website. Let me tell you a quick story, some 9 months ago or so I wanted to buy a fridge for my home and so I got to jiji and saw the one I liked, I called the person thinking he was the seller, we negotiated and he told me the product will be delivered to my address and then after I received it I would pay. True to his words the products came, and the delivery guy gave me an account number  different from the guy who I’ve been talking to, I called the person and he said yes I should pay to them, its at that point I realized he was just an agent not the main owner of the freezer. And I’m sure he will earn a commission from that sale. So my point here is to earn money with your phone on jiji, simply act like this wise man I bought my fridge from, go look for someone who sells any Item people buy a lot e,g (TV, Land, Baby Items etc) and then take a picture of their product with your mobile phone and put it up on Jiji for them with your own little mark up price, and boom you’ll sell and start making commissions. Imagine you make commission of 5,000 Naira from two sales per day in 30 days that 150,000 Naira in pure profits.

2- Selling Social Media management service: Do you know you can charge from 30,000 Naira to 100,000 Naira monthly to manage a company’s social media account. All they will need you to do is to design really cool graphics; which you can do with Canva Mobile on your phone, as well as generate other forms of text or video content, manage interactions across all their social media platform, grow their followership; all these you can implement with your mobile phone. The question I know will be how do I get this kind of Jobs? See these jobs are available but the problem is there are no skilled people to do them, I’l rather you focus on how to design amazing graphics with canva as well as how to manage social media accounts effectively, If you don’t get a job in 2 months with the skills you have send me a mail at ayo@webedge.com.ng and I’ll get you a job, you’ll however prove you have this skills.

3- Teaching or Coaching people on WHATSAPP or TELEGRAM: This is you offering to train people your specialized knowledge or skills for a fee. I have held several of workshops, trainings and programs where I charged between 10,000 Naira to 40,000 Naira on WhatsApp and you too can do it too. We are the information age as you have heard and people are willing to pay premium for information or customized knowledge if they know it will benefit them and bring them value. So it’s either you discover what people want to learn and then train yourself to teach it via WhatsApp coaching or you write down the value of what you know already or the skill you have and then start looking for people who want to learn it, next is to create a WhatsApp group for a training and ask people who want to learn this skills to join the group for a little fee, trust me people will join in.

And as your brand grows more people will sign up for that knowledge. It could be; counseling session on marriage, how to prepare for an exam or anything. The point is whatever it is you know very well, there are people who will pay you to know it.

4- Starting a Youtube Channel; Youtube is an amazing platform for finding useful videos online, Its estimated that 1 billion people go to Youtube everyday to search for videos about entertainment, education, etc. What most people don’t know is Youtube also has a system that rewards video creators on their platform. So if you have an interesting message and with your phone you can create really nice videos, all you need to do is to create a Youtube Channel and start sharing interesting or Educating Videos. If you stay consistent at it and more people come watch your videos or channel, you can then monetize your channel and start earning money from the views. This takes a lot of hardwork but it’s worth the trial if creating useful or entertaining videos comes easy to you.

5- Taking Online Surveys: I’ll recommend this majorly to my diaspora audience. There are websites that reward you for filling out surveys. Even as a Nigerian you can participate if you have someone in Diaspora who can create the account for you. All you do is sign up and take survey about several topics ranging from; impact of climate change, product launch review, app launch review, games review e.t.c. You can earn from 10usd to about 200usd monthly on some of these platforms. Some of these websites are; surveyjunkie.com, Mypoints.com, Vindaleresearch.com e.t.c. Kindly note, taking surveys online should not be a long term activity towards making money online because its time consuming, but you can use it to make some quick cash towards learning a major skill that can be sold as a service for money.

I hope this was helpful in some way, do not let the lack of a laptop or anything stop you from getting value from the internet, and also go beyond just getting value from the internet, give Value too and you’ll see money flow towards your direction. If you will like to get started on learning a useful skill like website design, I have a free video course that can help, click this link to get it.

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